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Yeah this is amateur stuff.  The girls don’t have makeup and they intentionally have them look ragged.  It’s part of the site concept. But Annie still has a smoking body.

Annie Cruz used the alias Kyra when she appeared in Bang Bus. At the time February 6, 2004 she was an amateur. This is her first video.  You see what that bang bros crew does they turn girls to a life of pornography and stardom.  No wonder this is one of most popular porn sites to ever exist on the internets.  You know the gimmick.  Two guys cruise around looking for a damsel in distress.  Maybe they are hitchhiking or their car broke down and they need a lift.  Well no one rides in the Bang Bus for free.  You have to pay a fee but it’s not money you have to pay in sexual favors.  The site is controversial because of their apparent exploitation of women.  The fact is the site is staged. But it was Annie Cruz’s first adult film.

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Annie Cruz Blowjob

Annie Cruz Blowjob Video!

Sometimes I think the best porn is the good old fashioned blowjob video.  The girl unzips the guys paints or jeans in this case and pulls out his cock and starts sucking on it and strocking the shaft.  Get’s him hard until he unleashing a huge load of cum all over her face.  Simple yet effective and I don’t have to look at too much of some ugly guy.  To me all guys are ugly so I rather not see much of them.  I do enjoy watching a girl give head.  And am a fan of regular old oral sex porno.


Annie Cruz

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It is my understanding that Annie Cruz’s favorite position is the cowgirl and the reverse cowgirl. Is she about to start riding this cock and go hog wild. Most likely yet. Turn around Annie and show us the reverse cow girl so we can enjoy more of your beautiful body. That’s my first thought when I see this picture. So I’ll just have to go to penthouse and watch the actual Annie Cruz porn video. But I can say I really enjoy looking at her ass.  It’s nice and firm with a great shape. Perfect for squeezing especially when she is on top of you.


Annie Cruz Topless

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This beautiful picture of Annie Cruz’s website shows off her exotic beauty. But there is so much more to Annie than just beauty. This is one cool cat. She plays drums has good taste in movies and music and she is one of the most fun chic’s you could hang around with. Not just the type of girl you want as a friend but also the type of girl you could bring home to meet the family. But then you can have fun with her in the bedroom too. Or at least you can dream. Hopefully there is a lot more of Annie to come.

Annie Cruz Video

She is a wild one. She takes one guy in the ass while she gives the other guy head. So is this a blowjob or anal sex porn? Or is it group sex porno? It’s just cool just like Annie Cruz the cool Filipino porn star from Northern Cali.

Annie Cruz Facial

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That’s a big mouthful Annie. I guess that’s what happens when you take on two guys at the same time. You end up with a mouthful. My dad always said more than a mouthful is a waste. I think he was referring to boob size. But it might apply to a mouth full of come also. But we like Annie Cruz with a mouth full of come after giving oral sex to two guys and getting a big facials.

Annie Cruz DP

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Annie Cruz is a girl after my heart. She is one naughty girl who takes on two guys with ease and that can include DP or double penetration with one guy having his huge cock in her ass and the other guy in her pussy. Maybe she enjoys this type of sex because she finds it funny that the two guys cocks almost touch each other when it’s inside her. So she is laughing at these guys cause that’s almost gay sex and that’s the level a guy would go just to have sex with her. Certainly the guys can feel the other guys cocks.

Annie Cruz Threesome

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Is this picture about comparing cock size or just enjoying how naughty Annie Cruz can be. She is holding up two cocks. One cock which is a lot bigger obviously needs a few sucks because it’s going a little limp. But that’s the good thing about Annie one suck from her beautiful mouth and your limp dick is instantly hard as a rock. She looks like she is about to really enjoy herself. Sucking off two cocks at once. That’s what Annie Cruz threesomes are all about.

Pool Party

Here is Annie Cruz in one of the pictures from her website.  Out at the pool enjoying some of that California sun.  Being in the water really enhances her exotic appeal.   This girl is fun you wish you where here with her as part of the pool party, especially because she is naked.  Not just topless sunbathing but this is full on skinny dipping.  Which makes for the best kind of pool party.  If you attend you are required to bring Pina coladas for everyone.  And you never know how many people are going to show up, needless to say it will be a ton.

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Annie Cruz Bio

Annie Cruz is one cool cat.  She likes punk rock and rockabilly.  She is a Filipino pornographic actress who’s hometown is in Northern California.  She has made over 200 adult film under her belt. She likes rockabilly dudes and her favorite position is the reverse cowgirl.  She did some wrestling.  She once had sex in a convent of a Catholic college. See I told you she was cool. The list goes on with this girl.  She has her belly, clit and tongue pierced. She sings and plays drums.

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Measurements: 32C-24-38
Height: 5’6″
Weight: 113 lbs
Home: San Francisco
Car: Jaguar S-type